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Discover your artistic inspiration amidst the breathtaking canvas of nature’s beauty! Join my Art Adventures & Retreats in secluded South African locations for a transformative creative experience. Book now and let your creativity soar in the midst of stunning landscapes.

2024 Art Adventures & Retreats

2024 Impressions of Nature – A Klein Karoo Art Retreat 4-11 April 2024



“Art is not a thing, it is a way.” ~Elbert Hubbard

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“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Leonardo da Vinci

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I just had the pleasure of joining Sharon’s 1 week art retreat in the Klein Karoo. What a wonderful experience all round! We created a wonderful art journal by exploring the area, did plein air and studio painting. Sharon gave us useful lessons on using pen and ink, offered different techniques to try out and widened my general knowledge about painting/drawning.
The team spirit was great and the group of ladies from all over the world experienced real friendship.
Last but not least, the food and the accommodation were excellent! Just amazed me how much time women can spend talking about dieting😆 We all couldn’t stop eating and felt guilty.
I very much enjoyed to plunge into a perfectly organized event without worrying about anything and just enjoying it!
I highly recommend traveling and painting with Sharon!

The Karoo Art Retreat was my introduction to water colours and travel journaling after only painting with oils.  I met Sharon for the first time at her Klein Karoo Retreat (located at The Retreat at Groenfontein) and it was the most fabulous week of sketching and painting and just enjoying the beautiful surrounds and the lovely group of fellow enthusiasts.  I learned a huge amount from Sharon and enjoyed applying these skills long after I returned home.  Subsequently I booked the Richtersveld Art Adventure and had another amazing week with Sharon of sketching, painting and experiencing another very beautiful part of our country.  Looking forward to the next adventure! – Daryl-Ann

“I have been doing lessons with Sharon for nearly 12 months online and love her approach to her classes. She is so relaxed in her teaching and so generous in sharing her knowledge. I love the fact that pieces of art that feel so overwhelming to approach Sharon breaks it down so simply with amazing results. “
Vanessa , Perth WA


“Sharon is not only an excellent artist, she is also an exceptional art teacher. I have learnt a lot of new skills from attending her classes. I would recommend her classes and workshops to anyone who want to improve their art skills.” Zandi Basson


“After working for 55 years, I always wanted to learn the basics of drawing & painting on my retirement. My eldest son stepped up to the plate & sponsored a 6 month course for me with Sharon Kuisis. I am now about halfway through & believe me, it was the best gift I’ve ever been given & so far, its been worth every cent. Sharon knows her craft & researches anything she’s not sure of. Her classes are so much fun but also very informative as we receive notes, with illustrations, with every class. I was very nervous at first but she is so patient & let’s us work at our own pace. My family is amazed at my progress & I am surprising myself at what I am able to do in such a short time.”



“I am a 63 year old who went to Sharon for drawing classes in 2016. I had never had any form of art classes before. She taught me how to draw and work with pastel pencils which I did for 2 years. She then taught me how to paint with oils. I have even been able to sell some of my works. I never new that I had this hidden talent and am eternally grateful to her for that. If Sharon could teach me she can teach anyone. Thank you again Sharon for your patience and excellent teaching skills.”

Ingrid Bussio


“As my hubby became totally preoccupied with his new interest in photography and the creation of digital art, I found myself at a loose end until my dear friend Ingrid Bussion dragged me along with her to one of Sharon’s Art Classes about three years ago. Up until then, the closest that I had got to experimenting with paint was the odd “creative session” as I was roped in to join my grandchildren in their finger painting sessions. But there was something in Sharon’s unique teaching style that had me going back for more, and before I knew it, I was creating some interesting artworks each week, as I started becoming proficient in the application of watercolour painting, through to charcoal renditions and my favorite medium, namely painting in oils. Who knew I had it in me to express myself through the medium of creating artwork, as my children and hubby started to take notice of my new found artistic skills. All of this new found love for painting at my young age of 63, and I owe all credit to Sharon’s guidance and patience and ability to get the best out of her art students. Thank you for brightening up my life Sharon. “

Shirley Phillips


“I attended Sharon’s series of drawing workshops in 2018 as a form of therapy and hobby, and have learnt so much. Having done a workshops in Namibia, Welkom , Mulders drift and then with Sharon I realized how much preparation went into her lessons and how in-depth they were. Even when Sharon dealt with the “basics” of drawing of techniques I thought I had a grasp of, I soon realized that there was so much more to it than what thought. In her lessons the combination of theory and practice increased the scope of my knowledge and improved my skill considerably.

Her style of teaching is executed with a passion for the subject matter and although I consider myself a beginner, I never felt inadequate or better than anyone else, comparing and appreciating each other’s work encouraged me and every participant to develop their own style based on sound skills and individual preferences. It was inspiring to see the variety of interpretations by fellow participants using the same basic skills and subject matter. i felt nurtured even when guided as I made some mistakes into understanding exactly what I could do to achieve the outcome I was working towards.

From the workshop I learnt to enjoy and experiment while learning basic to more advanced techniques and could see a huge improvement in my drawing skills. These skills further helped me when I took other lessons such as charcoal, pen and ink, and oil painting workshops. I could apply my knowledge and skills from the drawing classes in other media and realized how important it was to have done the drawing workshops first. I still sometimes just draw and practice some techniques before I paint. Sharon is able to inspire encourage and guide me expertly. I want to do Art full time as she invoked the joy and need for disciplined hard work in making Art in me.”

Linda Forson


“Sharon’s online art classes have been a wonderful way for me, living in Perth, Western Australia to revisit my love of painting and sketching. Sharon is very happy to share her incredible talent and art knowledge; I am constantly learning and I believe, I am a better artist because of her. ”



“Sharon has an uncanny ability to see more colour and beauty than you could ever imagine in everyday things. She sees every student as the individual they are and draws out the artist in each one, careful not to impose her style but to bring out the style of each person she guides. It is a pleasure to study under her careful eye, as I explore painting in oils. She is inspirational and I am honoured to know her. I wish she could always be resting on my shoulder as I paint.”



“My name is Jenny Claase and I have known Sharon Kuisis for approximately forty years. My daughter was a rider and owned her own horses. So when she turned 21 which was 25 years ago. I took photos of the horses and contacted Sharon to ask her to draw them so I could frame them for a birthday present. They were absolutely stunning and I was over the moon.
Not so long ago I found out that Sharon is giving art classes. I contacted her and now I join her class on a Wednesday morning. I was a little nervous to start doing art at my age. With Sharons patience and her art techniques so well explained I wish now that I should of started much earlier in life.”
Kind Regards
J D Claase