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I have always loved photography, drawing and painting, and I combine the three, deciding on a subject for the next body of work, then planning a trip to go and get the photographs I need. This usually means travelling around South Africa on a motorcycle or my 17year old Nissan Xtrail. I am always looking to create a certain atmosphere in my paintings, so pick the time of day carefully depending on what and how I will be painting.

I am fascinated by the diversity of oil paint and what one can do with it, so I decide on a subject matter which allows me to explore my medium in a certain way. Previously I worked very realistically, painting each and every part as I saw it, spending many many hours on a painting. Now I work in a more impressionistic way, using brushwork and palette knife, working in layers, which allows me to explore the more abstract aspects of painting and yet still creating something that looks realistic from afar.

I work with a limited palette and I prefer larger canvases as this gives me freedom of movement to explore my subject matter fully, but occasionally I like to do a quick small painting just for fun!

My most recent body of work is influenced by my fascination with the Law of Entropy, that nature should inexorably degenerate toward a state of greater disorder, disintegration and chaos and how it affects us as humans. For me old houses tell this story really well, as they all started off as a home and then slowly get eroded with time, just as we do. This is why I work with layers, building a timeline with my paint. I only pick old buildings as each building shows its story through its disintegration.

I want a person to stand in front of the painting and wonder…what happened here?


I have been drawing and painting for most of my life, starting at a young age, and was encouraged my mom who bought me my first easel and set of watercolour paints. I loved horses and that was my main subject for many years, and after getting married I took up drawing with soft pastels concentrating on wildlife and faces as that was my passion at that point in my life. That was my medium for 28 years. I have been Oil Painting for 15 years and this is my medium of choice at the moment, and love working in Pen & Ink using a dipping pen and nib & watercolours as well as occasionally working in charcoal.

I took up photography at a young age using my dads old Canon SLR and eventually bought myself a digital camera at the age of 24. I have been taking photos ever since buying more equipment as I go along, an expensive but worthwhile hobby as it gives me the opportunity to take the photos I want which enables me to create paintings with the feeling that I felt at the moment of taking the photograph.


I exhibited for many years as a young woman in her early 20’s at the Arts in the Park Magnolia Dell in Pretoria, and then at Artists under the Sun at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg where I received many of my commissions. I have had exhibitions overseas, in private homes & local galleries.

2012 Group exhibition with Wakaba Muteki, Given Leshaba, Quentin Oosthuizen and Heinz Thomas Weitz at the Ga Rouge Restaurant.

2014 Group exhibition – International Art Fair in Rotterdam– Studio Ekaterina

2014 Group Exhibition – Treasure for the Future – Studio Ekaterina

2014 Solo Exhibition at the Grahamstown Festival

2015 Solo Exhibition at Innibos Festival

2015 Sounds of South Africa Group Exhibition – Heeswijk Castle Germany – Studio Ekaterina

My work has been sold to both local and international collectors including Carlos Alberto Parreira, the Bafana Bafana coach during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.


I studied art at school, and worked in pastels and pencil for over 25 years. I studied oil painting with Elbie de Muillon from 2005-2007. I have done various art courses throughout the years at Openwindow School of Visual Communication, Traditional illustration with Daniel Du Plessis, Watercolours with Trevor Lloyd Evans, and Advanced oil painting under Danie de Wet. I studied painting and other aspects of art at Studio Collectives Art Studio to explore and improve on my skills.


I have taken numerous trips all over South Africa on my motorcycle or car where I take my camera, taking photos of landscapes, old houses, animals and anything I think would make a great painting! I love atmosphere, light and texture and that is what I look for when I am looking for reference material.

I teach drawing and oil painting to adult students, and also offer longer 5 day workshops, and Art Retreats in the Karoo.


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Cell: 0824655179

Email: info@sharonkuisis.com



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  1. Dear Sharon,
    Many years ago I purchased two of your wild life works, “A young Cheetah” and a head of a Zebra,,,,,these tow have been admired by friends who visit my home,,,,now in Australia.
    I came to buy them when I met your mother who was purchaing wood for the frames of the two items mentioned. This was at City Hardware (I believe not longer exists) I was the Accountant for Richard Hagerman who owned the business.
    Are you able to place a rough extimate of what they may be worth today…I have an interested customer. Due to my age I am selling up my home and it’s items. I left Sth Africa in 2002 and ow live in Australia.

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