Packaging and Transport

Here are the various options and I will suggest the most suitable option for packaging your specific artwork/s.

I make use of reputable 3rd party courier companies and all shipment and courier deliveries are insured in transit.

Packaging Options

Packaging Option 1: Rolled and tubed – I offer to package the artwork using this method free of charge.

Wherever possible this is my preferred option as it offers the safest and most effective means of packaging and delivery.

Depending on the paint technique and if canvas is on a stretched frame, I remove the canvas from the frame and roll it into a strong and sturdy cardboard tube. This greatly reduces the risk of damage to the painting in transit. It also greatly reduces the cost of transportation. It is a simple task for your local framer to restretch the canvas.

Packaging option 2: Flat packed and boxed – Price based on size.

I package the artwork as it, on its frame and securely wrap the artwork in bubble wrap followed by cardboard box. This makes a secure sealed box. If the artwork is large I will add a protective board for added strength. This offers good protection of your artwork while in transit but is more expensive due to the dimensions.

Packaging option 3: Custom crated – Price based on size

A custom wooden crate, which is made from ISPM15 certified pine, is made specifically for your artwork to be transported in. It offers the best protection, however it is also a much more expensive option due to additional costing of manufacturing the crate and the increased size and volumetric weight of the package. It also takes more time as it needs to be ordered and this can add on another 2 working days.

Transportation Options

Delivery option 1: Door to Door – South Africa

I will be using a local courier company to deliver door to door – your quote will include transport, packaging and in-transit insurance .

Delivery option 2: Door to Door – International

The courier company will collect the artwork from me and transport to the closest international airport, liaising with you directly to clear customs and process any payment due. Once payment has been received by you, the package is released from customs and the courier company will proceed to deliver to your home or office.

Quotes on Delivery.

In all instances your delivery quote is calculated using a combination of physical weight, volumetric weigh as well as destination.

For International buyers : Depending on your choice of packaging and delivery it can take up to 8 weeks to arrive at your destination country. However it is usually around 2 weeks.

I will endeavour to prevent any delays but will not be responsible for any delays, damage or loss due to 3rd parties used to transport artworks on your behalf.

The shipping quote includes packaging, local courier and freight paperwork, local customs (South Africa) processing, international transportation and insurance in- transit.

The charges excluded from the shipping quote are:

  • Customs examinations, stops and storage
  • Customs import duties/taxes/VAT/handling or clearance fees which can/will only be assessed by your local customs authority.
  • Fumigation

I can unfortunately not tell what any of these costs might be and you will need to contact your local customs office to get the information.


  • Daytime contact number (mobile if possible)
  • Preferred daytime physical address for delivery
  • Email address for couriers